Marketing Automation (Marketo)

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Marketing Automation (Marketo) is a category of technology that allows companies to automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

An analytics engine. A way to measure, and optimize marketing ROI and impact on revenue!

Who uses Marketing  Automation?




Large enterprises, but isn’t just for big companies; thousands of small companies are using automation as well.

Marketo=World leader in Marketing Automation for companies of any sizes.


The 7 best marketing automation features in Marketo:


  1.  Robust Mobile Tools.
  2.  Precise A/B Email Testing.
  3. Engagement Engine.
  4.  Micro-targets Website Visitors.
  5. Marketing Nation and Marketo Community.
  6. Marketo’s Smart Lists.
  7. Smart List Subscriptions.


Do More With Less!

Whether you are a large or small organization, getting your content marketing machine up and running is though! A lot of companies lack the budget, resources; and time to implement an effective content strategy.




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