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I  get official AdWords certification from Google studying for that Certification SEO test harder than I’d ever studied for any college exam.

And I passed! I got to print out a nice certificate to put on my blog, telling the world I’m an official Google AdWords Certified professional.


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boston seo services – digital marketing



 I got Seo Certified by:


Master’s Degree – Online: 2017
Internet Marketing / AdvertisingBoston, MA

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Internet Consumer Behavior and Analysis


What is SEO Certification?

SEO certification is the industry’s first vendor-neutral certification developed by professionals for professionals.


Google AdWords Certified

Getting certified requires three basic steps:
  1. Register for a Google Partners account.
  2. Pass the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam with a score of 80% or higher (100 questions, 120-minute time limit)
  3. Pass one of the five other Google AdWords exams with a score of 80% or higher.


How to Become SEO Certified? 

The idea of becoming an SEO expert can seem overwhelming to many. The algorithm used to rank search results is regularly changing and the best practices are continually adapting to these adjustments. It is no wonder why many people unfamiliar with SEO feel intimidated by the prospect.

An SEO expert plays a vital role in helping companies build their businesses and attract new customers through web traffic. Learn the fundamentals of SEO, and discover how to analyze and optimize your site, and create an effective strategy for your SEO efforts.



Some of the best SEO training courses out there are:

  • DistilledU (by digital marketing agency Distilled) – Learn SEO with DistilledU, the online search marketing university.
  • ClickMinded (by Airbnb’s former SEO) – ClickMinded (Updated)



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